1 in no more than 1200 words

It has been calculated that the largest heads weigh between 25 and 55 short tons 50 t. The heads were carved from single blocks or boulders of volcanic basalt, found in the Tuxtlas Mountains. The Tres Zapotes heads, for example, were sculpted from basalt found at the summit of Cerro el Vigia, at the western end of the Tuxtlas.

1 in no more than 1200 words

March at Thank you for a great example of fantasy physics. Should I go on? Can you quantive the amount of energy that convection is transporting away from the surface? How does that number compare to radiation from the surface? A quick exercise for your fantasy physics: Would the average surface temperature change?

March at 2: March at 8: So why is Mars so much colder than Earth? March at 3: Convection converts surface energy conducted to the air at the surface to potential energy within the atmosphere during ascent and the reverse in descent.

Since that energy cannot radiate out it is locked into that reserrvoir being constsntly recycled for as long as the atmosphere remains hydrostatically suspended against the force of gravity.

1 in no more than 1200 words

Mars has a smaller greenhouse effect mass induced because atmospheric mass is less. The temperature of Mars is much the same as that of the Earth at the same atmospheric pressure after adjustnug for distance from the sun.

The same is true of Venus. March at 9: How would the average surface temperature change? How can it even change? Unless, of course you can provide a paper that proves it has. Show me a paper that proves that this energy just magically vanishes having no effect at all … AndyG55 6.

What happens has been explained to you many time. You are the one who we are all waiting for some basic proof from. Stop Running and Squirming.

Produce that one paper that proves CO2 causes warming in a convective atmosphere…. Therefor I call your view of the world a magical view with fantasy physics.

1 in no more than 1200 words

CO2 causes warming because you can measure its radiation. You would not be able to do that if it would cause no warming. Did you know that a study based onobservations, found there has been a significant DECREASE in down-welling, long-wave infrared radiation from increasing greenhouse gases over the 14 year period in the US Great Plains.

Sill waiting for you to find some tiny little bit of paper supporting you AGW fantasies. You have yet to produce a paper that shows that CO2 causes warming in a convective atmosphere. I see you are now digging deep and calling on the FAKE consensus.

March at 1: No getting around that. That is not a representation of any net thermal flow, it is a measurement at a single location.

You cannot have the same parcel of surface energy involved in two processes simultaneously.Long or complicated paragraphs might need to be broken up, so you might end up with one or two more than that. However, increasing the number of paragraphs leaves fewer words for each paragraph, so you have to be careful you leave yourself enough words to fully support each point you want to make.

What's a Genome?

- With the advent of the War in Europe, by June , the US invoked the Telecommunications Convention prohibiting US amateurs from contacting hams outside the USA.

Also all portable and mobile operation below 56 MHz was banned. All licensees were required to send a set of fingerprints, a photo, and proof of citizenship to the FCC.

Jan 22,  · Also, "not less than ," wow an MA program I'm applying to has a two-part statement, one at "not more than words" and one at "not less than " Share this post Link to post.

ToolGuyd > Craftsman is Set to Launch More than New Tools ( Summer Update) Craftsman is Set to Launch More than New Tools ( Summer Update) Not to mince words, I consider Lowes to be considerably behind Home Depot with respect to holiday season tool deals and promotional appeal.

Craftsman branded . Jade Face Masks. Another type of artifact is much smaller; hardstone carvings in jade of a face in a mask form. Curators and scholars refer to "Olmec-style" face masks as despite being Olmec in style, to date no example has been recovered in a archaeologically controlled Olmec context.

vi The total vocabulary of Lane's English as a Second Language is about words. By limiting the vocabulary, one of the major obstacles to learning English—its non-phonetic spelling—is skirted.

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