A discussion on a baseball game

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A discussion on a baseball game

Which baseball game would you want to watch over and over and over again? By Cut4 Staff February 2, at 9: But that got us thinking: Which baseball game would you most want to relive, over and over and over -- much like Murray's day in the film?

A discussion on a baseball game

Here are ours, let us know yours in the comments. As an eight-year-old boy, nothing was more important to me than Ken Griffey Jr.

When the Mariners overcame a massive deficit in the AL West, right around the time that Junior returned from a wrist injury, I would wake up every day and pore over the box scores in the local paper.

When they made it to the playoffs, knocking off the Angels in Gamethis was a big deal in my house. And when it went to extra innings, there was never a question that my parents would send me to bed. Instead, we all sat in the living room, letting the tension fill the room.

And when Edgar Martinez doubled Griffey home, well, I don't remember much after that. Maybe if I lived this day 1, times, I would. My mom had sent me to bed just prior to the start of the 8th inning, and I trudged up to my room believing that Pedro was going to pitch Boston to the World Series The Yankees had started to rally.

I bolted back downstairs, where I remained on the couch -- in the exact same position, while both my feet fell asleep -- until Aaron Boone walked it off. There are a lot of games I'd love to rewatch, but only one I'd want to relive.

Aaron Boone walked it off. Yankees fans everywhere were happy. Red Sox fans everywhere were not. A year later, everything changed. The Yankees' near century-long dominance over the Red Sox ended, and the pain of that Boone homer evaporated instantly. Simply looking at this as one game, it had everything you'd want: Late-game heroics, big name players and a dramatic conclusion.

Adding in the context, however, it felt like a miracle. Sure, the Sox had to win three more games to advance to the World Series, but something about Game 4 made it not only feel possible, but inevitable.

That's a feeling worth reliving. Not only did it end with the Cubs experiencing the kind of bliss the organization and its long-suffering fans hadn't seen in more than a century, but it had SO.

It was like an entire season's worth of emotion, stress and anxiety packed into one night that unfortunately had to end. I can't imagine what it felt like for fans of either team as the innings and tension mounted. Even someone without a personal rooting interest in the game like me was no doubt enthralled by this fateful evening at Progressive Field I was.

It's not one any fan will soon forget.Norfolk Baseball Association is a registered (c) non-profit, volunteer organization whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for Norfolk children to play and learn the game of baseball, help to improve skills, confidence, and promote self-respect. Desc: Norfolk Baseball Association Welcome to Baseball Debate!

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A discussion on a baseball game

OP went to a baseball game and got seats that could be seen at times from TV. His friend was at home, saw OP on TV, quickly sent him a message saying "Hey, I'm right behind you" then recorded on TV OP being confused and searching for his friend.

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