An analysis of the other wes

Summary Analysis Moore introduces the book, explaining that it is the story of two men born in Baltimore with the same name:

An analysis of the other wes

Summary Analysis It is 5.

An analysis of the other wes

First Sergeant Anderson enters the room and begins screaming and cursing at Moore in decidedly unfamiliar language. Moore explains that this is his first morning at military school, which Joy has sent him to after he was put on academic and disciplinary probation at Riverdale.

On the same day as he receives the news of probation, Moore is sitting next to Shani at home, punching her arm out of boredom. At one point, he misses and splits her lip open. Furious, Joy slaps him across the face, and for a moment it seems as if Moore might hit her back.

Being sent to military school at first seems somewhat drastic, but in this passage Moore makes it clear that his mother had already given him a long series of second chances. After watching her son skip school, fail his classes, run into trouble with the law, and hit his sister, Joy is forced to acknowledge that her plan to send him to Riverdale in order to give him a positive start in life is not working out.

Active Themes Moore is unafraid of Sergeant Anderson; compared to the Bronx, military school does not seem particularly intimidating.

An analysis of the other wes his first days at the school, Moore is filled with rage at Joy for sending him there, and tries to run away four times in as many days. At Valley Forge, the need to make decisions—as well as the ability to do so—is stripped away entirely.

Moore no longer has control over his actions, but must simply follow a strict set of rules that encompass everything from when he goes to sleep to how he walks to how quickly he eats. This disciplinary regime is undoubtedly oppressive, and it is little wonder that Moore attempts to escape it.

At the same time, Valley Forge gives Moore something that has been lacking in his life thus far: Instead of having to constantly decide between making responsible or irresponsible choices, Moore simply has to obey the rules.

Overwhelmed with joy, Moore thanks Sergeant Austin and feels a sudden surge of respect for him. That night, Moore packs his things and creeps out of his room. He follows the map closely, but soon finds himself in a completely dark and unfamiliar wooded area. Frightened and confused, Moore beings to cry.

At that moment, Moore notices that his whole chain of command is there laughing at him, including Sergeant Austin. The map he had been given was completely fake. The older boys take Moore to the office of Colonel Battagliogli, a distinguished and enthusiastic retired Army officer in charge of the plebes.

At Valley Forge, he has been placed in a strict, strenuous environment completely devoid of emotional support, and—like any young person—Moore is overwhelmed by homesickness. Furthermore, at this point Moore still feels completely alien and excluded from the community at Valley Forge.

While the harsh initiation tactics he undergoes aim to ultimately create a sense of belonging, it is difficult for Moore to see that now. Active Themes Colonel Battagliogli tells Moore that he will allow him to speak on the phone for five minutes.

Before he can finish, Joy cuts him off and tells him that he is not going anywhere; his family are proud of him and have already sacrificed too much for him to be there. Up until this point, Moore has been considering his experience at military school from a decidedly self-centered perspective.

His entire community has made sacrifices in order to support him in making a change. It is a different kind of respect than that inspired by Shea and other drug dealers, which more closely resembles intimidation. Another turning point emerges as a result of Moore meeting Captain Hill.

While Moore still feels alienated by the Valley Forge community at large, he develops an admiration for Captain Hill, a young African-American man who has excelled to the highest level of achievement. On the school bus, Wes and his godbrother, Red, notice two girls and decide to approach them.

One of the girls on the bus is called Alicia, and she and Wes quickly become close. Two months later, she discovers that she is pregnant. Wes is so shocked that he enters a state of denial.

Eventually, he tells Tony, who has just become a father himself. Where other young people grow out of their youth more gradually, Wes is forced to become an adult virtually overnight.

However, his maturity—including his ability to make responsible decisions—cannot accelerate at the same drastic rate as the responsibilities placed upon him. From this perspective, it is not surprising that Wes feels panicked. On learning this news, Mary takes a deep breath before offering everyone cake.

Wes simply smirked and left without responding. While Wes effectively buries his head in the sand about the pregnancy, this option is not available to Alicia.Wes-Har Asbestos Analysis & Consulting Ltd.. Since Wes-Har has been offering dependable quality consulting and laboratory services for a wide range of clients so they may comply with occupational health requirements relating to asbestos.

Research Current Research: At a general level, my research involves the application of social psychological theory and methods to the understanding and solution of social problems.

The best study guide to The Other Wes Moore on the planet, from the creators of SparkNotes. Get the summaries, analysis, and quotes you need. The story is about the other Wes Moore, who was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment and Wes Moore, the author, who faces poverty and has an ambition of receiving proper education (Moore, ).

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