Annotations for male dominance in jane

The League was originally envisioned as a Victorian Justice League of Americaspecifically as a Crisis Crossover of several iconic characters in Victorian-Era English literature teaming up to combat equally iconic villains from the popular fiction of the same era. While initially reading like a Steampunk high adventure story, the later volumes expanded in scope considerably. As Moore clarified in later interviews, the League became less about telling sophisticated adventure stories and became more interested in Deconstruction as a means and an end.

Annotations for male dominance in jane

Second Story Press Susan G. Cole was born in and is a Canadian feminist author, editor, speaker and playwright.

Annotations for male dominance in jane

In her book, she attempts to explain the link between male dominance, sexual violence and pornography. She also speaks about children being affected in their adult life after experiencing violent pornography as a child. The Science of Sex Abuse. The article presents a history of U.

This article is from and explores a lot of interesting concepts with child pornography and how easy it is to obtain such graphic material. Most of research is secondary gathered by the author.

In her book Pornography: Women, Violence and Civil Liberties she collects many essays from respected writers, both men and women on sexual violence linking to pornography.

The essays collected discuss how porn effects the sexual boundaries that a person may have and can cause you to be more sexually aggressive because if a person watches aggressive pornography, they will try to repeat it. A New Sexual Revolution? Critical Theory, Pornography, and the Internet.

Canadian Review of Sociology, 48 3 This article is not fantastic, the research gathered is quite limited and much is based on assumptions not facts. The Gendered Dimensions of Sexting: The article discusses how long-term consequences can flow from teen and adolescent sexting, particularly where images are distributed beyond their intended initial recipient, and affect both the individual depicted and potentially teens and children collectively.

This article is not only relevant to the research of Violence and pornography, but child pornography has become a serious issue in recent years because of sexting. Youth, Pornography, and the Internet. Dick Thornburgh is a lawyer and served as the governor of Pennsylvania while Herbert Lin works in the research department of the Massachusetts General Hospital.

The article deals with the approaches on the protection of children from the harm of Internet pornography in the U. This relates well to the topic because it shows how pornography is being monitored and how easily children can come across pornography.

The article offers a law based perspective, using secondary as well as primary research to show how the government plans to monitor and regulate pornography in the U. Rafael Behr is a journalist and reports on current affair, world politics and the arts. The essay is on Internet pornography, mostly focusing on a child's exposure to it and the effects it may have on them.

Tests and experiments show how a child can be effected by violent pornography later in life. This article has some interesting experiments, and is up to date, being from Futurist, 46 3Roger Howard is a freelance journalist and has reported on many issues such as world politics and energy in the middle east.

Annotations - Sexual Violence/Pornography

This article uses secondary research to demonstrate the negative effects of internet pornography. This is viable information to the topic because of its reference to the psychological impact pornography can have on a person.Cole, S. G. (). Power surge: sex, violence & metin2sell.como, Ont.: Second Story Press Susan G.

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Cole was born in and is a Canadian feminist author, editor, speaker and playwright. In her book, she attempts to explain the link between male dominance, sexual violence and pornography.

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Male Dominance We live in a man's dominated and controlled societies. It could be that it has been a cultural tradition, the man was given a more powerful and influential role in the community than women and it takes a long time for traditions to wear down. Literary Theory "Literary theory" is the body of ideas and methods we use in the practical reading of literature.

By literary theory we refer not to the meaning of a work of literature but to the theories that reveal what literature can mean.

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