Business and economic statistics

Easily export current and past data, including: A free resource providing state- county- and MSA-level employment and population forecasts.

Business and economic statistics

It is perhaps the most closely watched indicator as well, serving as a guidepost for Federal Reserve interest rate policy and fir budgeting both government and private industry.

At Kiplinger, we examine what trends are driving GDP up or down and forecast its future direction quarter by quarter. These are people's jobs we're talking about.

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Two distinct metrics make up the employment forecast. The more important one is the "payroll report," a summation by the Department of Labor of how many jobs the economy has created or lost each month. This Business and economic statistics is broken out by sector, such as manufacturing, mining and health care.

Note that simply to keep up with population growth, the economy needs to add more thanjobs every month; otherwise the unemployment rate will rise.

Employment, National Output and Income

That rate is the other closely watched figure. It's a simple division of the number of people who have looked for work in the prior four weeks but who do not have a job by how many people are currently in the labor force.

Business and economic statistics

That simplicity belies some underlying concerns about the unemployment rate. Potential workers who aren't actively looking for work aren't included in the calculation.

Prosper from the Valuable Economic Forecasts in Every Issue of The Kiplinger Letter Interest Rates Interest rates are of tremendous interest to borrowers for whom they are a cost and lenders a category that includes individuals trying to get some return on their bank savings.

Almost everyone is in one or both categories. The level of short-term rates, such as those used by banks when loaning each other money overnight, is set by the Federal Reserve through its Open Market Committee, usually at regularly scheduled meetings.

Market interest rates, including those in money markets and offered on consumer products such as certificates of deposit, follow the Fed's lead but are also subject to other influences — for example, risk, transaction costs and expectations of inflation.

Generally, the longer the period of the loan, such as with year Treasury Bonds or mortgages, the more important market factors become compared with the Federal Reserve's actions. We forecast both what we expect the Federal Reserve to do in the near term and to what extent that will affect the direction of long-term interest rates.

It's measured by the Department of Labor using a sample, dubbed a "market basket," of what people in urban areas in the U. Then each month, data collectors check on the prices of those items.

A component of that index, the core inflation rate, which excludes the more volatile prices of food and energy, is also closely watched. At Kiplinger, we forecast changes in both.

Prices that are rising too quickly cause consumers heartburn, of course, but prices that are flat or falling are a problem, too.

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This condition, known as deflation, makes debts more expensive to pay back and can lead to declining business investment. In making our forecasts for the direction of business spending in the quarters and years ahead, we follow two indexes from the Census Bureau: Knowing where oil prices are headed is critical to businesses of all stripes, from airlines to plumbing companies.Download free ebooks at Statistics for Business and Economics 4 Contents Contents 1.

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Climate change will batter U.S. economy: government report

Employment of business and financial operations occupations is projected to grow 10 percent from to , faster than the average for all occupations, adding about , new jobs. The SBA connects entrepreneurs with lenders and funding to help them plan, start and grow their business.

We support America's small businesses. The SBA connects entrepreneurs with lenders and funding to help them plan, start and grow their business. Journal of Economics and Business: Studies in Corporate and Financial Behavior.

The Journal publishes high quality research papers in all fields of finance and in closely related fields of economics. Business owners, managers and executives can use Kiplinger\'s Economic Outlooks to seize emerging business and investment opportunities.

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