Capstone child development center

Total number of credits required: You will need to complete 30 upper-division credits, of which 18 credits must be from the major program. A total of 30 credits must be completed at Ashford University to meet the residency requirement.

Capstone child development center

Smart Track Early Childhood Education Courses at Ashford University Consider pursuing an early childhood education degree online from Ashford University, to further develop the skills needed to transform the lives of children.

These courses are a part of the many ECE degrees offered at Ashford. Providing a quality education to future generations requires more than a love of children though. Through your online education courses, you will be introduced to academic concepts that include child behavior and emotional development, nutrition, quality care, and curriculum, while developing the leadership skills that can make you invaluable in the field of early childhood education.

Early Childhood Education Class Descriptions and Credit Information ECE Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3 Credits This course provides an overview of the field of early childhood education including history, philosophy, advocacy, public policy, issues, trends, and careers.

ECE Introduction to Early Childhood Behavior Management 3 Credits This course will address age appropriate behavior expectations for classrooms and ideas for supporting student learning.

Motivation theory, positive reinforcement and behavior support plans will be covered. Major theories of behavior will be considered as they relate to educational settings. This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to analyze developmentally appropriate practices for early childhood settings, as well as compare the effectiveness of early childhood curricular approaches.

In addition, students will apply specific methods for early childhood instruction and assessment.


For the final project, students will develop a curriculum unit plan. The course begins with students discussing the major developmental stages, domains, and milestones of child development. Students will also analyze how knowledge of theories, Capstone child development center stages, and domains of development support developmentally appropriate practices.

Throughout the course students will explore the importance of family involvement and the strategies that foster communication and engagement from families.

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Finally, using their knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices, students will describe environments that nurture the physical, socio-emotional, language and cognitive growth of every child. Students will prepare curriculum and practice teaching strategies which illustrate the characteristics of play and creativity.

The guidance of young children to include behavior management and creating positive learning environments will also be emphasized. ECE Administration of Early Childhood Education Programs 3 Credits This course focuses on the development and implementation of early childhood programs for a variety of age groups and purposes.

ECE Language Development in Young Children 3 Credits This course provides an introduction to the developmental stages of language acquisition in young children from birth to the age of 6.

The focus of the course is on the facilitation of language acquisition in young children. ECE Child Development 3 Credits This course provides a basic introduction to the nature of human growth and development as it occurs from conception through early childhood. Students learn about motor, cognitive, social, emotional, moral, aesthetic, and language development in early childhood.

Students will learn the important elements in a childcare setting that support healthy social, emotional, and behavioral adjustment in infants and toddlers. The role of the teacher, the importance of the environment, design principles, health and safety will be covered in this course.

Sensory, music and movement development will also be covered in this course. Appropriate behavior teaching and coaching for infants, toddlers, and 2-year-olds will be discussed.

Students will actively participate in discussions and activities related to major theorists, current research on play, the developmental stages of play, cultural influences, and current trends and topic related to play.

Using that foundation, students evaluate the relationship between cognitive development and the developmental domains in children and the influences on brain development. Additionally, students analyze how environment and genetics impact brain development and cognitive functioning and evaluate the educational and societal implications for children in the context of cognitive development and functioning.

Throughout the course, students also synthesize their learning from the course to develop strategies and techniques in their work with children in a variety of educational settings to promote optimal cognitive development.

Using this foundation, students examine the practical application of assessment tools and utilize assessment strategies to enhance the growth and development of children.

Capstone child development center

Finally, students synthesize their learning by developing an assessment portfolio that contains intervention strategies for meeting the developmental needs of children.

Special emphasis will be placed upon exploring how the child is viewed in the context of his or her family and the community at large. This course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and apply their learning from the course of study for Early Childhood Education in a comprehensive manner.

This course will culminate with a comprehensive final project that integrates the student learning throughout the program as well as a final exam that covers the program learning outcomes. ECE Child Development Capstone 3 Credits The capstone course is designed to be taken at the completion of all courses in this area of study.

Students will have the opportunity to integrate and apply their learning from the course of study in the Child Development major in a comprehensive manner. Successful completion of the General Education Capstone course.

ECE Leadership, Innovation, and Social Justice in Early Childhood Education 3 Credits Students in this course will be introduced to the professional knowledge, skills, dispositions, and standards expected of early childhood education professionals and innovative leaders in the field.

Further, this course will introduce several programmatic themes—social justice, 21st century teaching and learning, and leadership—to inspire students to be active early childhood advocates for children.

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Students will also gain insights and understanding related to the academic, personal, and professional expectations of graduate students to support their success in the MAECEL program and in their profession. ECE Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3 Credits This course provides an overview of the field of early childhood education including history, philosophy, advocacy, public policy, issues, trends, and careers.

ECE Administration of Early Childhood Education 3 Credits This course focuses on the development and implementation of early childhood programs for a variety of age groups and purposes.Daycare Philosophy. Capstone Child Development Center in does not have a school philosophy on MomTrusted but in general the greatest child care centers are commited to helping each family that enrolls toddlers in the particular day care.

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Capstone child development center

The course is a forum for student learning on social responsibility and ethical reasoning in the context of the public education system (local and national) and the intersection between child development and.

Human Development is a broad-based interdisciplinary major that explores human growth and change as a lifelong process which a) involves biological, cognitive, emotional, social and moral development, and b) occurs in multiple contexts. A letter to parents who are interested in Capstone Treatment center and our Core Model Therapy Christian rehab program.

Menu. ABOUT. A LETTER TO PARENTS FROM THE FOUNDER. ADMISSIONS Menu ADMISSIONS; Today’s children are often strategic targets for spiritual battle and any child can fall prey.

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