Cloud storage thesis

Block blobs, page blobs, and append blobs Page blobs Block blobs and append blobs General-purpose storage accounts There are two kinds of general-purpose storage accounts. Standard storage The most widely used storage accounts are standard storage accounts, which can be used for all types of data. Standard storage accounts use magnetic media to store data.

Cloud storage thesis

Cloud Scalability Green Cloud Computing It is one of the hot topics in cloud computing for thesis and research and it refers to the efficient usage of cloud-based resources by minimizing energy consumption.

In simple terms, green cloud computing refers to the use of computing devices in such a way that there is minimum impact on the environment. The growth of cloud computing technology has caused an exponential increase in energy consumption having an adverse effect on the environment in terms of carbon footprint.

To reduce the amount of energy consumed, an efficient solution in terms of green cloud computing has been developed. A green cloud architecture has been designed for this purpose in which users submit their request through a middleware Green Broker.

Green cloud computing offers certain other benefits in the form of online monitoring, virtual machine migration, and optimization. You can go for research in this area.

Cloud Security Cloud Security refers to the practices to protect online data from theft, leakage, and deletion. The prominent methods for cloud security include firewalls, virtual private networks VPNstokenization.

Not only there is a threat of data leakage and theft, Distributed Denial of Service DDoS is a major challenge in cloud security. You can choose this as your thesis topic as it has a huge scope for research.

Cloud Security is a must as the number of organizations using cloud services is increasing. The cloud security can be implemented through the following security measurements: Confidentiality Accessibility Integrity Encryption methods can also be used for securing cloud data.

Thus cloud security ensures that the data in cloud services is secured from any type of theft, leakage, or outside attack. It is a good area for thesis topics in cloud computing. IaaS delivers resources such as storage, network, virtual machines to the consumers to deploy and run software and applications.

The consumer has no control over the underlying infrastructure. PaaS delivers applications and services over the internet which the consumers can deploy over the existing infrastructure. In Saas, hosted applications are delivered to the consumers over the internet.

We can say that these three services are the main paradigms of cloud computing. It depends upon the organization regarding what type of service to use.

To decide what type of service to use, an organization has to go through its requirements.

Cloud storage thesis

Cloud Deployment Model It is another good area for cloud computing thesis topics. A cloud deployment model describes a type of cloud environment on the basis of ownership, size, and access. There are four types of cloud deployment models: The creation and maintenance of the cloud services and its resources are done by the cloud provider itself.

Unlike a public cloud, a private cloud is owned by a single organization. It enables the organization to get centralized access to the IT resources. A hybrid cloud is composed of two or more clouds which retain their independent identity.

A community cloud is more or less similar to the public cloud such that its services are limited to the specific community of cloud users. Mobile Cloud Computing Mobile Cloud Computing is a technology that delivers a shared pool of resources to the mobile devices.

Cloud Computing Thesis Topics

It is a good choice for a Ph. The applications and services are specially designed for the mobile users.

Cloud storage thesis

The services are accessed via mobile browser from a remote web server without any need of a client application. In simple terms, mobile cloud computing is a combination of cloud computing and mobile development. Using cloud services, the mobile cloud computing applications can be built quickly.

These applications can be delivered to different devices having different operating systems. The main advantages of mobile cloud computing include flexibility, scalability, better processing, and data storage. Cloud Cryptography Cloud cryptography means using encryption techniques to secure data stored in the cloud.

It is a good topic for the thesis on cloud computing security. The main purpose of cloud cryptography is to protect the sensitive data without causing any delay in data transfer. Various cryptographic protocols have been designed to balance data security and performance.This free Computer Science essay on Essay: Cloud computing, cloud storage is perfect for Computer Science students to use as an example.

The cloud is full of free storage, if you know where to look. From Box to DropBox, Google to Apple, there’s plenty of free storage to be had in the cloud. Cloud Computing effect on Enterprises 2 LUND UNIVERSITY Informatics “CLOUD COMPUTING’S EFFECT ON ENTERPRISES” “ in terms of Cost and Security” Master Thesis submitted January, Aug 28,  · Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing is a technology that delivers on-demand computing services such as applications, storage, and processing to consumers over the internet.

Cloud Computing Security Thesis Topics Cloud Computing Security Thesis Topics is a comprehensive guide for PhD/MS Theses/Dissertations and for the subsequent process of graduation.

Cloud computing is a paradigm to describe a both platform and application and a cloud user can make use of computing resources including storage, network and. To achieve better data confidentiality for data stored in the cloud without relying on cloud service providers (CSPs) or putting any burden on users, in this thesis, we designed a secure cloud storage system framework that simultaneously achieves data confidentiality, fine-grained access control on encrypted data and scalable user .

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