Development of an attendance system for

One of the primary solutions offered by SecurAX is automated time and attendance management systems and access control systems. These attendance systems are a requirement for today's organization as they bring about an efficient way to manage the time attendance of its employees. Automated time and attendance management systems also bring about a way of working which would require lesser human resources to manage attendance and payroll related tasks. SecurAX with its impressive track record is now all set to offer biometric attendance system in Dubai and access control system in Dubai.

Development of an attendance system for

Access control Every workspace needs at least some level of access control. For instance, you can start with just a few main entrances and later, if needed, develop a more complex access system for as many doors as you need.

Your workforce is your biggest asset and labour is your biggest cost. So everything counts — every day, every hour and every minute.

For every employee, in every location, working from home or on the move. Learn more Access control Every workspace needs at least some level of access control. Learn more Best together Not surprisingly, we often regard security and workforce management as two separate organisational functions.

In fact, these are normally managed by two different departments — Security and HR — and usually with different business goals, skills and responsibilities. However, many times and in many places access and time come very close together.

For example, using the same badge for access and time is just the tip of the iceberg. So the relationship between work time management and access control is actually very important.


Every time an employee, intern, subcontractor, client or visitor enters a building, passes an access point or needs to record his time on site, HRM and security intersect. This often produces many points of interaction between the two, which can present quite a challenge to any organization.

Download Best Together Brochure What kind of software do you need? Access control software can be notoriously unfriendly, with myriads of hard to understand and rarely used parameters.

By the same token, time and attendance systems deal with vast amounts of data that is sometimes intimidating to even the most skilled administrators. So, what should you be looking for in your solution?

Modularity Software modularity is the key for managing complex systems. This time tracking and security solution is used in organisations with thousands of users spread over multiple geographical locations. However, it can also be used in very small organisations or branch offices with equal ease.

Development of an attendance system for

Web access is also available for all frequent, day-to-day administrative tasks. User experience Usability is a legitimate concern for any software with a powerful feature set.

This ensures a first-class user experience with panoramic oversight and real-time control.

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Localization Because of our European origins, we are especially aware of the challenges that language versioning can present. Translations are also incremental, so they can follow software versions.

Version 10 features 1. With this version we believe we have one of the best 3rd-party hardware portfolios in the industry with the highest level of integration.

Development of an attendance system for

Integration through Zone controllers is added with version We have added support for VisionLine access points with version More information is here. For more information see the brochure. Iris scanning is considered to be the most accurate method for biometric identification and so is robust enough to stand up to even the most demanding requirements.The project is a system that takes down students’ attendance using barcode.

Every student is provided with a card containing a unique barcode. The Attendance Management System is a mobile computing software application, which focusses on an activity or function, which is based on management information system of academic institutions.

In this work, the systems functionalities are categorized as a group and the similarities in grouped functionalities are designed and developed with reuse .

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attendance (arrival and departure) in the DTR required by the administrators every end of the month. The daily attendance of the employee is recorded correctly by the system by pressing one finger in the fingerprint reader.

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The payroll of the employees is provided or generated on time by the company. attendance system employs an automated system to calculate attendance of staff in an organization and do further calculations of monthly attendance summary in order to reduce human errors during calculations.

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