Energy saving in houses

Good article on under slab insulation for radiant heated floors. Compares three types of insulation to no insulation. Rigid foam insulations do well, but the bubble pack style of insulation is worthless. It seems like a DIY version would also be possible.

Energy saving in houses

So, you are pretty in tune with global warming. You are pretty in tune with the environment - conscious, environmentally conscious. What do you do to do your part for help protecting the environment? Yeah, well, I think I do quite a bit.

I grew up in an area that's really environmentally conscious. Oregon is pretty environmentally conscious, so I recycle. It's pretty easy to recycle in Oregon. They just pick it right up at your house.

You don't have to separate it. They separate it for you, so I recycle as much as I possibly can. But maybe those are traditional things.

Do you do anything sort of more advanced or more modern than just recycling? Is there anything in your life that's more more modern? I recently bought a hybrid car.

Energy saving in houses

What's a hybrid car? So it is a car that basically gets better gas mileage cause what my car does is I have to put gas in it. I have to put gas in it but when I break it takes the energy created by the heat from the breaking and it charges the battery, and then the battery can help power the car, so it's half gasoline, half - just electric energy from the battery.

So do you have to charge the car at night? Do you have to plug it in or anything like that? No, my car just by breaking it charges the battery completely.

Occasionally, I've heard of some people that if they leave their car for like a year or something they have to go back and they'll have to plug in the battery and it will charge up, but for the most part I don't have to do very much at all.

So that is a fancy watch you're wearing as well. Is that environmentally friendly at all? This watch actually doesn't take batteries.

Energy saving in houses

It's solar powered and so it just gets energy from the sun. So you pretty environmentally conscious dude. Learn vocabulary from the lesson! When you are 'in tune with' something, it means that you understand it, keep updated with it or have a connection with it. I feel that I am tune with my dog, because I always seems to know what he wants.

She wanted to be more in tune with her body, so she has started to practice yoga. When you are 'environmentally conscious,' it means that you care about nature and the environment and want to protect it. I think people are a lot more environmentally conscious than they used to be.

How environmentally conscious is the company that you work for? A 'hybrid car' is a car that runs on both electricity and fuel.

I think hybrid cars are still quite expensive for what they are. He has just bought a hybrid car, and he uses it all the time.As the effects of climate change are felt across the world and with the construction industry is responsible for as much as 40 percent of man-made carbon emissions, both governments and individuals are beginning to take the task of building eco friendly houses much more seriously.


Recommendations show how to improve the energy efficiency of the home to achieve a higher score and save money. Before you design a new home or remodel . Jun 02,  · Look to low-tech solutions for big energy savings when you’re constructing a home. About Energy Optimizers, USA.

Energy Optimizers, USA, LLC specializes in developing, engineering, and implementing energy efficiency and energy savings projects for educational, governmental and commercial customers.

Saving energy isn't just about helping you to save electricity or be more energy efficient — it's also a great way to save money.

We all know we could do more around the home to save energy, but. I hope you got useful information out of this article and realize why conserving energy is important. If you are looking for specific techniques and measures you can do to reduce energy consumption at home you are probably looking for this article: 5 Most Efficient Energy Conservation Techniques.

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