Free writing apps elementary

Get the most out of the Teacher Learning Community. Click here to get started for free! Writing Toolkit for Elementary Grades Tools, strategies, and activities to motivate elementary students and develop their writing skills. Member Rating Buy Now Overview Writing, like many skills, typically improves with practice, so it is particularly important that students begin developing strong writing skills in early grades.

Free writing apps elementary

But did you know that several apps that can help you teach English language skills, reading and composition are also available?

Choose from 50, free classic and contemporary works available from Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks and other sources or purchase popular new books from partner stores. Stanza features a reading interface that has been praised for its ease of use; it also provides an organizer that lets you store and organize hundreds of downloaded books.

With Stanza, teachers and students can easily access an entire library of reading material, as well as reference materials and class notes. Alphabytes For younger students, this animated iPad app is a fun aid for learning the shapes and sounds of letters.

free writing apps elementary

In addition to watching animated sequences with voice-overs and sound effects for each letter, students can learn to write upper and lower case letters by tracing their shapes. Games for spelling and reading are also provided.

Bob Books Reading Magic HD This phonic-based interactive game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad uses consistency and repetition to help beginning readers sound out simple words and learn how to spell the words they read. Hand-drawn illustrations and animations bring simple stories to life, and four game levels will keep students challenged.

My Story Elementary students can use this iPad app to create e-books complete with drawings, photos, writing and voice. Simple tools allow children to become authors and publishers; e-books can be shared within the app or via email; they can even be uploaded to iBooks.

With My Story, students can develop literacy, creativity and imagination, as well as their storytelling skills. Older students can use the quizzes to help prepare for various tests and exams by going through categories of questions or they can simulate the test environment with random questions.

The quiz format and real-time error feedback provide students with the opportunity to improve their strategies for grammar success.

Writing Prompts This writing prompt generator app uses pictures, colors, words, genres and different types of writing to provide creative inspiration for writers and writing students. The app also includes a database of creative writing prompts in the form of quotes, story openers and writing exercises that can be used to jump-start student writing projects.

Chicktionary This popular Internet word game is now available on the iPad. Players unscramble a roost full of hens each hen represents a letter and create as many words as possible. The iPad app supports dragging and shaking gestures to move and shuffle hens. Ten game levels and a variety of silly hidden features will keep students engrossed as they exercise their vocabularies.

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Pages This word processor app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch allows teachers and students to create assignments, presentations, handouts, tests, and other types of document that includes text and graphics.

Sixteen templates are provided for different types of documents, and pages can be uploaded to iCloud and accessed from other Apple devices. Mobile Air Mouse Any teacher who uses technology-based visual aids will appreciate this app that turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless universal remote that controls all media applications.Reading (and Writing) Apps for Kids If you’re like me and want to keep technology as educational as possible, you’ll want to know about these new reading and writing apps for kids.

See if any will be a good fit for your child’s age and stage. Discover our Language Arts app for third graders. Third grade is a transitional year in US elementary schools. This is when students move from the primary grades to the intermediate grades, challenging them to more responsibility and raising expectations for learning content.

Looking for great free reading apps for your iPad? The App Store is home to over half a million apps and games, and a surprising number of them are available for free.

Some of the most popular free apps are free reading apps. We're talking ebooks, comic books, web articles, and more. So start. In the list below you will find 15 free must-have iPad apps that will help your children or students practice and learn everything covered in school in an elementary level.

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Great for elementary school students and English language learners, this app generates images and writing prompts that should inspire students to write a story. They can choose from a range of ideas that fall into different categories. Writing Apps for Kids. Here’s a list of great writing apps that help children along every step of the writing process.

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