Gobekli tepe writing a book

The authors are engineers Martin B. They interpreted the carvings as astronomical symbols and tracked their positions to star patterns. The computer software they used dated the swarm of comet fragments to around BC.

Gobekli tepe writing a book

It is a new finding, having been discovered on Enclosure H pillar more recently. A medicine man, or shaman, was believed to have magical powers of spiritual healing and foresight into the future. The outer lines of the symbol represent the four corners of the universe of the physical world: North, South, East and West.

The inner lines represent the spirit world which the medicine man had knowledge of. The center circle represents the eye of the medicine man and his spiritual vision. Right above this sign, one can see two snakes, and between them, an egg.

Maybe this scene expresses the cosmic egg or sun disc and its guardians. In Hindu cosmology, the egg is the source of the universe we are living in. Maybe the two snakes represent the energies of universe or the light of the sun. Rebirth of a shaman might have been portrayed in this scene.

According to Pueblo Natives, it symbolizes the Cosmic Harmony of the human being. Dogons consider the number seven as the symbol of the opposites, of the resolution of dualism, therefore a symbol of unicity and perfection.

For Egyptians, it symbolizes the complete cycle, a dynamic perfection also representing eternal life.

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In Egyptian beliefs the sun god possessed seven spirits. In Turkish shamanism the earth-mountain is consisted of seven layers. The seven branches of the sacrificial and cosmic tree of shamanism is also another fact.

In astronomical thinking, seven birds can symbolize the seven stars of Big Dipper of the North seven birds on the lower base of Pillar look toward a north-south direction. We should think also of the seven visible planets that can be seen from earth with naked eye: Andrew Collins, The Cygnus Mystery: Julian Baldick, Animal and Shaman: Ancient Religions Of Central Asia Skyways Unlimited, Medicine Wheels.

gobekli tepe writing a book

Carol Diaz-Granados and James R. Capturing Images And InsightFascinating!metin2sell.comorm Digital Library, you say You don’t suppose that that “loop” shows something to do with orbital loops and those ‘Thor Hammer’ like “T’s” markers within the circles characteristic of Gobekli Tepe.

The Three Baskets

The Earthfiles Archive is a complete index of all Earthfiles reports from to the current date. In this master index, all Real X-Files are accessible only by subscription.

Turkish Stonehenge: Gobekli Tepe reveals the secrets of our ancestors and forces scientists to rethink the beginnings of astronomy and civilization.

We already know that Gobekli Tepe was not alone (for example the so far largely unexcavated site of Karahan Tepe, discussed in my new book Magicians of the Gods).

Welcome to the presentation of the The World’s First Temple, Gobeklitepe a pre-historic site, about 15 km away from the city of Sanliurfa, Southeastern Turkiye. What makes Gobeklitepe unique in its class is the date it was built, which is roughly twelve thousand years ago, circa 10, BC.

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gobekli tepe writing a book
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