Judge roger foley essay and poster contest

Hoover honors Cadet Marie Ames. Hoover honors Cadet Carson Lopez.

Judge roger foley essay and poster contest

A contest is an activity where skill is needed to win. Unlike a Sweepstakes where a random draw identifies the winner, in a contest the participants has to take an action that requires some degree of skill.

That degree of skill depends on what the promotion or event is asking the participant to do. For example; in an essay where participants enter and compete by submitting original writing. The Judging Criteria Contests also have an element of competition that requires the Sponsor or agency to set clear contest judging criteria so participants know how their entries will be judged.

This criteria will also tell the judging body what to look for and how to assign value or rank entries. As a marketer, you can save yourself a lot of potential trouble, and complaints, if your judging criteria is clear to all participants and judges.

Properly designed judging criteria aims to minimize the judges unconscious biases and focus their attention on the qualities that are going to be weighed and assigned a value or score. This is not a requirement, but it helps the Sponsor or contest administrator select the winner. The contestants also gain a sense of fair play when they see the winner was chosen by experts.

Beyond the judging criteria, the judges should have seen enough examples of the work being judged to determine what is considered poor, average and exceptional within the criteria.

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Judges Goals Ultimately, judges aim to assign a total value or points to each entry and select the winner based on total amount of points earned.

Judging Shortcut A shortcut to judging large numbers of entries is to use social media networks to judge on your behalf up to a certain degree. For example, you can run your contest on Facebook and have the fans vote for the top five entries.

From there a more formalized judge or contest administrator can select the winner based on the criteria. This can work well, but there are risks associated with fan voting. One of the risks is that participants can simply ask their friends to vote for them regardless of the quality of the work.

It undermines the promotional effort when a poor entry gets lots of votes. Protect Your Contest With Judging Criteria Having your judging criteria set will also protect the integrity of the contest and guide judges if there is a tie. A well-articulated judging criteria will explain what to do in the event of a tie.

Contests are a Great Marketing Tool Contests are worth the effort and repay the sponsor handsomely.


Just make sure your judging criteria are set in place. If you need any help with your contest let us know at support sweeppea.#nv students participate in judge roger foley essay & poster contest for law day.

miranda: more than words. @nevadabar @clarkcountybar.

Judge roger foley essay and poster contest

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It has been interpreted in many ways, and applied in numerous circumstances. Judge Roger Foley Essay and Poster Contest Topic: The Legacy of John Adams, from Boston to Guantanamo.

Law Day Contest for Students in Clark County, Nevada – Clark County Bar Association

This year’s Law Day Theme was chosen to “foster understanding of the historical and contemporary role of lawyers in defending the principle of due process and the rights of the.

In Honor and Observance of LAW DAY , THE YOUNG LAWYERS SECTION The Judge Roger Foley Essay and Poster contest provides a wonderful opportunity for students 1. Students may submit either a poster, an essay or, if they so choose, both.

2. Topic: The poster and/or essay must be centered on the Law Day theme. Ethics Essay Contest Judging Process and Standards Contest Rules and Judging. The Annual Ethics Essay Contest, sponsored by TWI in partnership with the ASU Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, is one way that TWI and the Lincoln Center are working together to promote ethics in the educational metin2sell.com is a unique and rigorous .

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