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Lead like jesus

Whoever learns the inner meaning of these truths will live forever in the Eternal Sea. Jesus said, "Everyone who seeks should continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will be troubled at the contemplation of Truth, but when he has passed through the time of trouble, he will be astonished at the brightness of the Light, for the Way of Truth is the Pathway to the Eternal Godhead, and the price of the beatific vision is the wringing of the soul.

The person who desires to rise above all things must descend below all things, for the way to the heights passes through the depths of anguish, which generate the fires of Life. The person who has suffered and found Life is blessed.

Lead Like Jesus

If you say it is in the sea, the fish will arrive there before you. Know that the heavenly realm is both inside you and outside you, and you will know that which is outside by that which is inside. When you have found the Light within yourselves, you will know as you are known.

Then you will know that you are the children of the Living Parents and that your destiny is to be as they are. The person who knows not himself, is poor in Spirit, for he is his own poverty. I am the bed; the person who lies on me will enter perpetual rest.

I am the Light; the person who sees by me will view all things. I have commissioned you to be prophets to this generation. Consequently, they will ridicule and revile you, saying all kinds of bad things about you. Don't you know that they have always rejected the prophets whom I have sent among them?

Yes, I tell you the truth when I say that even those who follow the prophets do not understand them, for they speak of the things of the Spirit, which cannot be apprehended by the physical mind.

The prophet is alone with the Eloheim, for of all mortals, it is he who sees the reality which he cannot convey to his people. Lonely is the Way of the prophet, but if he brings one soul one step closer to Light, all his loneliness and grief is justified, for great will be his joy in the heavenly realm, and he will become a great company at the seat of the Highest.

I will not bring peace, but dissension, fire, sword, and war. Families will be divided because of me; friends will stop associating with one another, nations will join in battle.

Yes, those who would follow me must be willing to forsake everything, and to stand alone, if they would inherit the realm of my Parents. I tell you the truth when I say that there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed to the person who can read the creation of the Eloheim.

Leverage Your Strengths

In what manner should we pray? How should our alms be given? What dietary law should we observe? Then I will be able to show you all things, for there is nothing hidden which will not be manifested when you have put on the mind of Truth. The more you drink, the greater will be your desire to drink, but in the intensity of your desire, you will be filled.

I tell you the truth when I say that whoever seeks will find, and the finding will cause him to seek, but in the seeking is hidden the meaning of Life. I tell you the truth when I say that only when you perceive shadows as shadows, and search the Light, will you perceive the Reality which is God.

In the beginning, you were organized as one body, but when you became two, the illusion of separateness entered the physical plane. Now you are many, and this illusion abounds.

Lead like jesus

Listen to what I'm saying! You must become a solitary person before me, if you want to dwell on the new planets and the new earth which I will create. Those who are enlightened will understand what I'm saying. Nevertheless, I tell you, Simon, that you are Peter [meaning Rock], and you will be a Rock [or foundation] to my Body.

I have given you James and John to be your ministers, to guide you in the Way of Life, for they will reveal to you the order and desires of those who dwell on the heavenly plane. I will build my Body on this Rock of Light, so that the gates of darkness will never be able to encompass it.

Lead like jesus

The Good Shepherd calls to them, but they reject his barn, wandering in darkness until they are consumed by the wolves and the bears. When John returned to the disciples, they desired from him the knowledge Jesus had imparted. John spoke up and said to them, "If I were to reveal to you at this time the mysteries into which I have been initiated by the Master, you would pick up stones and slay me, and you would be guilty of the innocent blood.

Continue seeking, so that you, too, can attain this knowledge and enter into Life.Biblical DISC® Understand how God created you and others Leverage Your Strengths Understand your God-given strengths and how Jesus and biblical people displayed the same characteristics.

Controversial and startling new evidence is casting light on a part of Jesus’ life that was not previously known, and appears to provide documentary evidence of his work. A lead tablet artifact contains noteworthy references and at least some of the details of his life, and is now the oldest.

The idea that God created Jesus just does not agree with the Bible. Jesus was not created by God because all things were made through Jesus and there was nothing made that He didn't have a . The latest Tweets from LeadLikeJesus (@LeadLikeJesus). We believe the world is in desperate need of a different leader model.

Jesus is the perfect leader model. The Jordan Lead Codices, (or the Jordanian Codices), are a collection of codices allegedly found in a cave in Jordan and first publicized in March A number of scholars and a November regional BBC News investigation have pronounced them fakes.

In December , a radioactivity test performed at the University of Surrey's Ion Beam Centre confirmed the old age of the lead used, but not. CHAPTER 1. These are the sayings of the living Jesus, recorded by Tomas, who is called Didymus.

Whoever learns the inner meaning of these truths will live forever in the Eternal Sea.

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