Michigan go blue skywriting a life

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Michigan go blue skywriting a life

michigan go blue skywriting a life

Here is a list of chemicals which are routinely disseminated via chemtrail spraying: Barium can be compared to the toxicity of arsenic. Barium is known to adversely affect the heart.

There are numerous other reasons why skywriting is a dying art. There aren’t many gigs, which makes it harder to earn a living. Fewer and fewer pilots know how . use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" site:metin2sell.com fin. Sep 15,  · Michigan football took school pride to new *heights* by putting the school's rally cry up in the wild *blue* yonder on Friday. Those were relevant puns. This is the relevant photo: See, it says #.

Aluminum has a history of damaging brain function. Independent researchers and labs continue to show off-the-scale levels of these poisons.

What good can possibly come from barium salts or aluminum oxide or vaporized mercury or strontium 90 or uranium being sprayed throughout the skies worldwide?

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Clearly, the extremely deleterious effects to human health, as well as to all living organisms, is self evident. However, the purpose of this essay is not to further unveil their agenda with regard to human engineering of the physical organism.

Rather, the scope of this article is to lay bare the most profound and fundamental alterations which geo-engineering is producing to the planet and its atmosphere. When these are both permanently altered in ways that are irreversible, the human race is then confronted with an extinction level event ELE.

Ongoing, slow motion, insidious, under the radar, pernicious to living organisms, but nevertheless an ELE. Geo-engineering is a term which includes highly advanced forms of applied science and technologies, various newfangled chemical agents and synthetic materials, scientific bending of physical reality, as well as an assortment of reverse engineered modalities which are combined to produce specific outcomes.

Because of the complexity of this essentially callow experiment, there are an infinite number of permutations which can be executed at any given time or place. Therefore, the number of opportunities for things to go wrong can be intensified exponentially.

Of course, the Butterfly Effect takes on new and dramatic meaning in the context of geo-engineering because nothing ever happens in a vacuum on this blue orb of ours. In fact, the more that the scientific community attempts to engineer weather e.

By the time anyone figured out the storm was coming, it was too late to do anything but batten down the hatches and exercise damage control. These frequencies are set to produce a number of different outcomes, the most significant being to slow down the global warming phenomenon which is currently manifesting everywhere on the planet.

Skywriter plane above Ann Arbor leaves U-M slogans in the sky

Because of such ill-fated attempts to effectuate such drastic changes in weather patterns that have been established for centuries, we now see drought where rain was once plentiful. And monsoons where there was drought.

For instance there are locations in Northern California and Oregon that have been without rain for six months. The forests in that area are literally dying because of lack of water and their consequent weakening which makes them susceptible to pestilence and disease.

Likewise, there are areas in the Southeast such as Florida and South Georgia which have just seen their first monsoon season in modern history.Kristin Simonetti (@KMSEditor) is a senior editor for CURRENTS magazine. It started on a sparkling Saturday morning, Sept.

michigan go blue skywriting a life

14, before Michigan State University's home football game against Youngstown State University. A plane smoke-wrote the words "Go Blue!," the battle cry of the University of Michigan, in the skies over Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Mich. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" site:metin2sell.com fin.

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Planet Earth has been besieged by many and diverse scientific experiments over the past one hundred years. Applied science and technology have seen a literal explosion of top secret and highly classified operations conducted in the atmosphere, throughout the planetary surface, as .

'Go Blue' Response Raises $36K To Fight CancerMore than $36, has been raised to fight ovarian cancer in a fundraising campaign that started after the words "Go Blue" were written across the sky. Sep 20,  · ANN ARBOR — The green-and-white flood keeps rolling into the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance office here, six days after the now-infamous "GO .

University of Michigan athletics paid for 'Go Blue' skywriting over Spartan Stadium Conventional wisdom suggested an anonymous Wolverines fan set up Saturday's stunt, but .

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