Portrayal of two disneys princesses essay

Around 1Disney became famous for their creating the first full-length animated feature Walt Disney Studios. The first full-length animated feature was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This movie talked about the different stenotype that occurred in famous Disney films that people were unaware about when growing up. This topic is relevant because it informs people bout the different stereotypes that occurred in Disney films.

Portrayal of two disneys princesses essay

This formula holds largely true for the early Disney films Snow WhiteSleeping Beautyand Cinderellabut begins to change in the later Disney fairytales. One such fairytale is Aladdinwhich lacks major female characters in both the middle and late stages of life.

Instead, it presents these traditional archetypes in a nontraditional way: In fact, his rags-to-riches transformation almost exactly parallels that of Cinderella, with each of them winning the heart of their royal love interest through the intervention of a magical helper.

There is one scene in particular in which the parallels between Aladdin and the Genie and their female counterparts, the princess and the fairy godmother, are uncannily clear. Aladdin and the Genie, along with Abu, have flown the Magic Carpet safely to a lush green oasis in the middle of the desert, and after some conversation, it comes time for Aladdin to make his first wish.

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What is it you want most? He scratches his head and, in a sheepish, vulnerable manner atypical of previous princes, discloses that he is in love.

Portrayal of two disneys princesses essay

Another jump cut focuses on the Genie, who, complete with a glowing sign of a crossed out heart on his chest, reminds Aladdin that he cannot make anyone fall in love. The Genie listens sympathetically, in one shot even donning a French accent and a beret and speaking in melancholic agreement as Aladdin laments that Jasmine can only marry a prince.

Portrayal of two disneys princesses essay

Finally, Aladdin has an epiphany, asking the Genie to make him a prince. The Genie is no exception. He is clumsy in his initial handling of the magical book, causing him to be briefly attacked by creatures within its pages to the tune of quickly changing comic sound effects.

The screen is adorned with mirrors, a tie, a bright pink turban, and posters of the Genie clad in various fashions. Aladdin attempts to flash himself a dashing grin in the mirror, and the Genie, assessing his appearance, decides that he needs a steed.

Deciding that a camel is not grand enough, the Genie turns Abu into a curly-maned white horse, followed by several other creatures, including a car and a duck, in an attempt to find something suitable.

Finally, spattering a distraught Abu with a generous supply of sparkles and shouting an incantation, the Genie transforms Abu into an elephant, who upon seeing his own reflection, trumpets in terror and scrambles up a tree, which sags to the ground under his weight.

Aladdin is unique among Disney fairytales because it breaks the tradition of casting women in the archetypal roles of princess, femme fatale, and fairy godmother and instead replaces these female stereotypes with male equivalents. This is a break from previous Disney fairytales, which were either focused mostly on Disney princesses, with their princes playing comparably minor roles, as seen in Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and The Little Mermaid, or had their focus split between two romantic leads, as seen in Beauty and the Beast.

Ron Clements and John Musker.

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a qualitative comparative analysis of two scenes from two Disney animation films, an older and metin2sell.com This portrayal of the first Disney female is exactly what one would expect from this time period.

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