The aswang phenomenon

Mythology[ edit ] The manananggal is described as scary, often hideous, usually depicted as female, and always capable of severing its upper torso and sprouting huge bat-like wings to fly into the night in search of its victims. The word manananggal comes from the Tagalog word tanggal, which means "to remove" or "to separate", which literally translates as "remover" or "separator". In this case, "one who separates itself". The name also originates from an expression used for a severed torso.

The aswang phenomenon

It has become the most controversial, and popular, creature in Philippine Mythology and is the main subject in hundreds of movies, television programs, comics, and books.

The aswang phenomenon

The aswang can appear in many forms- a young woman, a witch, a large black pig or dog, a corpse stealing ghoul, or the Manananggal — a self segmenting beast with a long hollow tongue that will feed on the fetus of pregnant woman.

Where did this word come from? Why are there so many different types of aswang? Why are they predominantly women?

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And why is the small Visayan province of Capiz suspected as their home? High Banks Entertainment Ltd. His journey explores folk stories in pre-Spanish Philippines — re-created in animated sequences by Denver Jackson.

The Aswang Phenomenon is the first in-depth documentary regarding the aswang myth — discovering where manifestations of the creature came from and how they evolved and embedded themselves in Filipino society.

The aswang phenomenon

Learn how Filipinos have been transformed by the myth and are now evolving the aswang to fit into their developing cultural identity.The Aswang Phenomenon (), directed by Jordan Clark, is a documentary exploration of the aswang folklore and its effects on Philippine society.

The evolution and history of the manananggal is explored from an anthropological, sexual and pop culture view. The Aswang Phenomenon free movie with English Subtitles Watch The Aswang Phenomenon putlocker, movies and xmovies in HD quality free online, The Aswang Phenomenon full movie with fast HD streaming, download The Aswang Phenomenon .

In my opinion, The Aswang Phenomenon documentary is by far the most incisive and cerebral approach to the question of the Aswang’s origin. Unlike other Aswang documentaries or movies before that propagate the myth by obscuring it, this feature offers a 21st century view that represents the most rational approach sans judgements and bias characteristic of some filmmakers nowadays.


The Aswang Phenomenon is a movie starring Jordan Clark, Peque Gallaga, and Maricel Soriano. What would happen if a country of 97 million people were taught at a young age that the boogie man was real. Oct 31,  · Title: The Aswang Phenomenon () / Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site?

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The Aswang Phenomenon - A Documentary